Suitable for:

  • Kids
  • Youngsters
  • Adults

Number of perons:

  • 2 persons

For sale of rent:

  • For rent
  • For sale

General Description:
Ice skating is a popular sport and when ice-skaters aren’t on the ice they often train with a wooden ice-skating board. Because this board is smooth, it is possible to glide while wearing socks, which makes for good technique practice.

At the moment this training facility is often used by professional skaters. Embedded Fitness has come up with the idea to link this practice board to a game, in which skate movements are converted into forward movement using sensor technology. This allows users to skate a course in the game. This course is a beautiful virtual tour across natural ice.

The E-fit skate-simulator has been present at many events, including the Olympic Games in Vancouver and the Dutch and World Championships ice-skating in Heerenveen. More than 15000 people of all ages have already tried the skate-simulator and set their high score. Trying to complete the course as fast as possible leads to allot of fun and is a good stimulator.

Game Information:
Socks, worn over your shoes, let you glide across a smooth board and by doing so skate a course across natural ice. The idea is to set an fast time and to beat your own or other peoples high scores.

Game time: +/- 1 minute on the shortest course;
There is a best of five scoreboard;
Multiplayer possible (max 2 people);

You buy or rent
An aluminium frame with a gliding board at the bottom;
Sensors that register the speed of your skate movements;
The iSkate software including all in one computer;
The multiplayer edition can also be bought or rented for an additional fee;

Extra information
Can be watched using a screen or beamer;
Required area: 3mx2m (single player edition);
One power source needed;

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