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  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Elderly

Number of persons:

  • Unlimited

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General description:

People who work in an office often spend a lot of time sitting down. This can have a very bad influence on your health and can’t be compensated with 1 hour of exercise per day. However, moving more throughout the day can help and therefore taking the stairs instead of the elevator a couple times per day can have a positive influence. Two minutes of climbing stairs has a positive effect on calorie burning. If you take the stairs even more often it’s good for your weight, cholesterol and blood glucose.

Our interactive  Staircounter motivates people to take the stairs.

With our unique Staircounter it’s possible to measure how many times a particular stair is climbed. The Stairchallenger uses movement sensors. The results are shown on a screen in a pillar that can be placed next to a stair. On the screen you can see a picture of several high climbs like the Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa to even the Mount Everest and the stratosfeer. The goal is to climb to the top as fast as possible.

It’s even more challenging to set the staircounter at several locations. You can compare the scores between locations on a website. This creates a competition between locations to reach the top first. Hopefully this will result in the decreasing use of the elevator. 

Game information:
The Staircounter is able to adjust to the height of a certain stair. With this information it’s able the count how many times a stair has to be climbed to reach the top of for example the Mount Everest. The reached height is shown on the screen of the pillar.
You buy or rent:
A pillar with a screen with the movement sensor combined with the used software.
Extra information:
Surface of the pillar : 0,3m x 0,3m
Pillar has to be placed near a stair.
1 power point required.

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