Health policy for municipality and government

How do you keep your residents active, independent, and healthy? Over the years, a number of important responsibilities have transferred to municipalities. One of these responsibilities is to ensure everyone can continue to participate in this society. It is well known that exercise and a healthy lifestyle makes for a longer, more independent, and healthier life. Interactive exercise activities can contribute to this, and there are many conceivable options for effectively using these in your town. Embedded Fitness helps the government to promote a healthy lifestyle.

For young and old

What could be more fun than young people teaching seniors how to use exercise computers or getting the “mentally limited” to start exercising through the interactive games?   Why not turn the community centre into a sporty meeting place where various target groups, along with the neighborhood and health care authorities are challenged to take action in a unique way? Would you like advice? We are happy to help.

What our clients say:

Jibreferentie-jibbb in Helmond is an organisation who stimulate sport and exercise for young and old. For several years we use the exergames of Embedded Fitness in primary schools and schools for special needed children. Also for sports days we use the exergames. All youth, including the disabled, have a lot of fun while exercising.

Joost Verspaget, board member jibb.

E-fit zone, Interactive set-up on location

Embedded Fitness can help stimulate an healthy lifestyle for the residents of a neighborhood by setting up an interactive meeting room. This so called E-Fit Zone, can contain different kinds of interactive sportgames and can be custom made to your wishes. The E-fit zone is thé meeting place for everyone who likes to gamesport or likes to get challenged. Not only youth, but also elderly people and people with a (mental) dissability can come here to enjoy the different kind of games. An E-fit zone can have a positive influence on a neighborhood on many ways. It brings people together, stimulates a healthy lifestyle and brings a lot of pleassure. Embedded Fitness can advise you which products fits you best and helps with the use of the products.

Mobile E-Fit zone

Want to take your own mobile E-fit zone to schools, nursing homes, and community centres for interactive activities? The plans are already in place. Organise your own school competition, health event, or neighbourhood competition. The goal of stimulating health care and sports allows for setting up many activities in refreshing ways. With your own mobile E-fit zone, we can help you set up, monitor, and care for the activities. Lease, including service and maintenance, is also possible.

E-fit events

If you are organising a health event, a national sports week event, or a major sports tournament, your visitors will certainly be entertained by setting high scores on the exercise games. Want to draw more attention to various sports in schools? Organise a school competition with the stimulating sports games. Thanks to the mobile E-fit zone, Embedded Fitness can organise events for various audiences. On request, Embedded Fitness will come to your location to introduce the new concept of interactive exercise, positively surprising people of all ages.

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