Serious gaming for health care

Embedded Fitness is an expert in the field of interactive exercise games for all ages. Through collaboration with leading research institutions, we have extensive experience in developing interactive exercise concepts specifically for health care.

The interactive concepts of Embedded Fitness combine gaming, entertainment, and fitness. Through this unique combination, we encourage a healthy lifestyle, which is the cornerstone of good health. Those who exercise regularly stay fit for longer, have a lesser risk of chronic illnesses, and remain psychologically healthier. The games provide exercise, but also support coordination skills. Studies show that exercise games have a beneficial effect on reducing the risk of falling and increasing the overall wellbeing of the elderly. The interaction and the visual and auditory feedback motivate them.

Therefore, our concepts, games, and setups are suitable for seniors (including those who suffer from dementia), the mentally and physically disabled, and people with social and motor impairments.

What our clients say:


The collaboration between ZuidZorg Extra, Friends of the Home Care and Embedded Fitness in the program FIEF (Fit, Interactive, Energetic, Fun) is totally unique! It is part of an overall concept for elderly. The activity starts with coffee and a social talk, then exercise in the interactive gym and it ends with a healthy lunch. In an
innovative, inspiring and motivating way. 

Hubert Cornelis, Social innovator ZuidZorg Tools

OroIn Helmond live young people with mild mental disabilities accompanied by ORO. Especially this target group have sometimes problems with spending there time meaningful.
“We looked at how we could entice these young people to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities. We were convinced, It had to be something with gaming and sports. We are very pleased with this Fit game space”
Anja Korsten, director ORO.

Check out the various exergame possibility’s for health care:

Exergaming gym

It has been shown that the special group concept is very suitable for children / teenagers with social motor problems (related to autism). A center with exergames and serious games can also accommodate people with disabilities (mental and physical). The games can be set to a low level, as just interacting with a visual image stimulates them tremendously.

We offer fitness, balance, and other motor skills through training on, among other things, the treadmill with Silverfitmile, expressobike, iRow rowing simulator, Sensamove balance board or 3D vertical trainer, Silverfit, and Makoto. Supervision is provided by well-trained trainers.

E-fit Event

A fun and challenging sports day for your organisation. We provide a fun clinic using various appropriate devices. Together with you, we determine the capabilities of your clients and ensure that the equipment is safe and accessible. We guarantee great participation from your target audience and enthusiastic, active participants.

Why Embedded Fitness?

 Expert innovative movement
✓ Experience since 2008
✓ Implementation support
✓ Latest technology
✓ Multidisciplinary development team
✓ Delivering of a comprehensive concept

Six popular exercise games

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