Serious gaming for Schools

Embedded Fitness is the leading company when it comes to knowledge about interactive, serious gaming applications for schools. Research and collaboration with educational institutions have led to the renewal of physical education, for which Embedded Fitness won the IPON mediawijzer Award. The deployment of exergames with the accompanying curriculum fits perfectly into the curriculum of physical education.

Exercising is healthy!

The importance of sufficient exercise for children is well known. Proper physical education is not only important for a healthy body, but for the development of coordination and motor skills as well. The important task of training and motivating students lies with the PE teacher. Therefore, Embedded Fitness has developed unique and entirely contemporary exercise games in collaboration with leading research institutions. By stimulating exercise, your students work on their fitness, endurance, balance, strength, agility, and eye, hand, and foot coordination.

What our clients say:


The employees of Embedded Fitness deserve a big compliment for the superbly organized day. The students where super enthusiastic. They said: “This is what you call a real gymnastic lesson”. The teachers where also very pleased and surprised about the great effort the students put into the lessons.
Peter K, Teacher Special Education.

Exergame possibilities for schools

Research and experience show that serious games are an addition and renovation to other gymnastic games and devices. Exergames can be used for the following benefits:

  • Competitive element, like a competition for schools
  • Suiteble for students in special education
  • Recognizable games
  • Safe & dependable
  • Professional support
  • Measuring systems, sensor techniques and game devices included.

An interactive facility on location, an E-fit event during your open day or sports day, or interactive exercising lessons for your school? Embedded Fitness unites gaming, entertainment and fitness in all these activities.

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Why Embedded Fitness?

✓ Expert innovative movement
✓ Experience since 2008
✓ Implementation support
✓ Latest technology
✓ Multidisciplinary development team
✓ Delivering of a comprehensive concept

Six populair exercise games

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