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Serious Gaming & Exergames

Embedded Fitness provides interactive, customized exercising concepts.
For our exergames we connect the latest technologies to our motion equipment. Our serious gaming concepts brings exercising and entertainment together. It’s possible to buy or rent exergaming equipment Exercising, health, gaming and entertainment are the core elements of our business.
Education, healthcare, government and business. We offer a fitting concept for all of them.

Sports innovator Center for Interactive Exercise

The “Sportinnovator centrum voor Interactief Bewegen” is an initiative of Embedded Fitness. This center is the meeting place and incubator of researchers, companies, governments and schools in primary and secondary education with the primary focus on improving (learning) performance and movement of young people.

This by developing innovations for physical education, but also by developing new initiatives aimed at interactive exercise. These new technological developments can find a place in both sports facilities and in the school setting itself.

We make exercising fun for:

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sportief kinderfeestje, exergames, beweeggames, serious gaming, serious games, beweegspelletjes, sporten