Basketball is a very popular sport and has over 400 million people playing it. Since a few years a new sort of basketball has made its way to the spotlight. 3×3 Basketball, with smaller teams and just 1 basket instead of two. It is faster, more fun, more physical and it is played outside, inspired by multiple forms of streetball.
3×3 basketball will be an Olympic sport starting in 2020.

Basketball demands more dynamic and spectacular play, and the new interactive Basketball ring, the Lightring, developed by Embedded Fitness, makes a great contribution.

The Lightring is an interactive basketball ring. Sensors detect if you throw a basketball. Then the ring gives feedback to the athlete via a Led strip. Through this simple interaction, different aspects of basketball can be facilitated and improved: Basketball is more varied, training of shots can be measured within the command and new training programs as well as game elements for basketball are introduced.

Recently, the Lightring had its first positive tests and demonstration on the 3×3 world tour in Lausanne. This in cooperation with ScheldeSport, which provides the basketball arrangement for all major world tournaments. From October 2017 the Lightring is on sale for sports facilities.

More information about the Lightring can be found on the product page.