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Embedded Fitness makes exercising more fun!

Our team, which is led by the passionate and creative Carla Scholten, consists of enthusiastic people who believe in new applications of interactive exercise and multimedia. Our drive is a leading position within care and education with knowledge of interactive movement and the opportunities for various target audiences.

It is our mission to show that exercise can be fun and to get various audiences, who do not exercise enough due to various reasons, to start exercising. The concept needs to connect with the contemporary world and the capabilities of the groups.

Embedded Fitness & Development
Embedded Fitness is the leading company in the field of interactive and serious gaming. Because we count not only private individuals, but companies, municipalities, and educational and health care institutions among our clients, Embedded Fitness is at the centre of society. Because of this, we know how to fulfill the expectations of organizations and target audiences. Embedded Fitness strives to be the leading knowledge centre and living lab in the field of interactive exercise and works together with leading research institutions to that end. This way, we can develop unique interactive exercise concepts for all ages and we can study energy consumption, implementation options, and sustainability.

Examples of research:
Playfit VMBO youth project (Fontys Raakproject)
Research into energy consumption of exergames (TNO)
“It’s all in the game” (applied gaming coalition)

Embedded Fitness & Health
Through interactive games (exergames), you can work on your fitness and endurance while training your hand-eye coordination and improving your balance and concentration at the same time. Research and experience show that the concept is also suitable for people with “mental” disabilities and children with social motor problems (related to autism). Embedded Fitness offers a complete range for the little ones and for seniors, as well as exercise equipment that is suitable for disabled users.

Embedded Fitness & Collaborating organisations
After its introduction, Embedded Fitness has undergone rapid growth, in part thanks to the participation of health insurer Achmea and the gymnastics supplier Janssen-Fritsen.

Through Achmea Zorgparticipaties B.V., health insurer Achmea wants to stimulate and financially enable health care initiatives. They see this new form of exercise as a challenging opportunity for various target groups (Health and Safety, reintegration, rehabilitation, seniors, children).

Together with Janssen-Fritsen, Embedded Fitness wants to strive for the new gymnasium 2.0, where movement will not only be found in the gym, but throughout the curriculum in education. Learning while exercising will be the most important theme.

Many agencies and educational institutions are involved in the development and expansion of this new concept and are researching the establishment of programmes in the field of exercise and healthy living that fit with the project. Practical experiences are being processed as much as possible in order to further improve the offer.

Embedded Fitness & Ambassadors
Many companies, organisations, municipalities, and (famous) people came before you. From King Willem-Alexander to Erben Wennemars (former world champion at speed skating) and Erica Terpstra (former European swimming champion), and from Univé to Heineken; they have all enjoyed our games and events.

Carla Scholten

Carla Scholten

E-mail: carla@embeddedfitness.nl
Phone: +31 (0)6-17773967

Biography Carla
Carla Scholten (1964) studied food technology at the university of Wageningen. After university Carla started working in the food sector. A few years later she made a change a became a teacher at Fontys colleges. She worked here for 15 years.

Carla is married to a general practitioner, this made her keep an affinity for food and health. Together with her husband she has got four children. This made it clear to her that ICT and technology are indispensable in todays society. Carla is convinced that people can do more when they feel healthy and pleasant. A challenging, stimulating environment that fits in with today’s experience can ensure active, healthy and self-aware people.

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