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  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • Seniors

Number of persons: 

  • 1 person

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Cardio wall Pro X

Train your reaction time with your fist! The Cardio Wall Pro X is even used by Formula 1 drivers use this product to train their reaction time.

General information:
The Cardio Wall is a very special interactive set up with lights that can be activated separately. With this challenging Cardo Wall Pro X, you can train your reaction time, stamina and balance. This product is made to meet the demand of the top sport sector for flexibility and exceptional response ability. The Pro-X will shift the boundaries of each athlete. The span width makes it extremely challenging to quickly hit the lights.

Cardio Wall Pro X is a remarkable addition to any location. The Cardio Wall Pro X can be printed with your company logo.

The Cardio Wall is sturdy and components can easily be replaced by your own staff.

Game information:

Deactivate the activated lights as soon as possible by ticking them. The faster you do this, the higher your score and reaction speed will be.

Multiple programs exist as standard for maximum flexibility. Each branch of the Pro-X can be adjusted individually for sensitivity and response time.

You buy or rent:

  • Cardio Wall Pro-X tripod with built-in screen and 14 LED lamps

Extra information:

  • Power supply: 1 power point required of 220V
  • Required playing surface: 3m x 2m

System, choose from:

  • Cardio Wall Pro-X with floor mounting
  • Cardio Wall Pro-X with wall mounting

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