Suitable for: 

  • Children
  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • People with mental disabilities

Number of persons:

  • 1-2 persons

For rent or sale: 

  • For rent
  • For sale

General information:
Qbi, a product of Qineto, is an interactive, entertainment and exercise system. Unique to Qbi is that games are physically played in space. No use is made of projections or screens. In this way everyone is directly involved in the game. Two people can also move at the same time, each with its own ball. Qbi can be used individually and in groups and can easily fill a day full of entertainment, fun and exercise. Qbi challenges and releases a lot of people, not only physically, but also cognitively and socially. Qbi is a unique experience for both the client and the healthcare professional.

Game information:
Qbi makes it possible to control a robot ball with body movements. The robot ball is on top of Qbi and is placed on the floor. A person stands in front of Qbi. Qbi then recognizes the player. As soon as the player performs physical movements, the ball starts rolling. Qbi converts the movements to a rolling direction for the robot ball. By controlling the robot ball over the floor, numerous games are possible, such as tag, bowling, following a course or whatever the user can think of.
You rent or buy :
  • Qbi
  • Robot balls
  • Connection cables
  • Movable standard
  • Wooden playing field

Extra information: 

  • Power supply: 1 power point required
  • Required playing surface: 3m x 5m (including playing field)

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