Suitable for: 

  • People with disabilities
  • People who are rehabilitating
  • CVA patients

Number of persons: 

  • 1-4 persons

For rent or sale: 

  • For sale
  • For rent

General information:
With the SilverFit Alois you create moments of happiness for vulnerable clients, such as people with dementia or people with intellectual disabilities. The Alois contains activities that stimulate exercise, promote social contact, cognitive challenge or, on the contrary, offer relaxation. The Alois is easy to use so that volunteers, family and caregivers can also undertake activities with clients, both individually and in a group.

Game information:

The Alois offers a wide range of stimulating and relaxing activities to promote the well-being of vulnerable client groups. The system motivates in a pleasant way to be physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally active. Think of cycling, puzzling, sitting dancing or memory with (personal) photos. Other activities invite you to relax, such as looking at (personal) photos or enjoying a living aquarium. The use of personal photos can ensure that the client revives and that beautiful stories from the past come loose.

You buy or rent:

  • Moveable computer system with 33 inch touchscreen
  • Software including all activities and exercises in games
  • 3D camera that registers motion
  • Sound boxes
  • Possibly: passive-active trainer
  • Possibly: (wireless) sensros: with sensors you can link the Alois with a passive-active trainer

Extra information:

  • Power supply: 1 power point required
  • Required playing surface: 2m x 2m


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