Suitable for:

  • Children
  • Youngters
  • Adults

Number of persons:

  • 2-6 persons

For rent or sale: 

  • For rent
  • For sale
General information:
Basketball is a very popular sport with over 400 million people playing it. In a lot of parks, playgrounds and schools a basketball ring is found. Since a few years there has been a new variant on traditional basketball: 3×3 Basketball with smaller teams and only one ring instead of two. It is more fun, faster and more physical. It is also played outside, inspired by different kinds of streetball. Basketball asks for more dynamic and spectacular games. The SmartBasket contributes to this.

The SmartBasket is an interactive basketball ring. With the help of sensors the ball is detected. Via the LED strip the athlete gets feedback on the shot. With this simple adaptation, different aspects of basketball can be practiced. Thus basketball will be more varied. You can train shots and measure within the assignment, you can use it as a training program and also as a new game.

Not long ago the SmartBasket had its first positive demo, during the 3×3 World Tour in Lausanne. Starting October 2017 the SmartBasket is on sale for sports accommodations and others.

Game information:

Via an app, which is linked to the Smartbasket the score is automatically kept. There are several different kinds of games where you can choose from. These games can be used recreational, but can also be used during basketball practice. A different interaction is the ShotClock. Here it is set to 12 seconds but you can change that time. If a team doesn’t shoot and at least hit the ring within the time you put in, the ball has to go to the opponent. The LED strip shows when the time is up.

You rent or buy: 

  • 1 basketball ring with LED and sensor technology
  • Operable via an app
  • Shot clock
  • Different kinds of games; Countdown, Fast Shot, Colour Shot
  • Showmodus
  • The SmartBasket app can be downloaded for free via Android
Extra information:

  • Power supply: 1 power point required
  • Required playing surface: 2m x 4m
  • Able to pair via Bluetooth

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