Suitable for:

  • Children
  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • People with a mental impairment

Number of persons: 

  • 1-2 persons

For rent or sale: 

  • For rent
  • For sale

General information:
The trampoline is a product most children and youngsters want to have. Children like to jump round freely on a trampoline, but linked to a game this can lead to more interactivity and motivation to use a trampoline even more. This way they get more exercise.

Studies and development combined have resulted in a trampoline with a safety rack, that is collapsible and easily transported. The trampoline has sensor techniques that measure the strength and frequency of the jumps. With this data different games can be played. These games are projected on a LCD screen or a beamer. It is possible to play this game alone or in a multiplayer version.

The trampoline can be used in a lot of different settings, like a gym, school, an event or even in your home.

Game information:
You have to jump or jog on the trampoline for this game. There are a lot of different games available.
  • Train your agility, balance and condition
  • Score by getting nuts and an end time of the course
  • Multiplayer possible for 2 people
  • Playtime around 1 minute
You rent or buy: 
  • Trampoline with safety rack
  • Sensor box with Arduino
  • Compatible software
  • Software on a computer with operation
  • You can choose between a screen or a beamer.
Extra information:
  • Power supply: 2 power points required
  • Required playing surface: 2m x 2m (singleplayer version)
  • It is suitable to connect via RFID, for check ins and outs

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