Suitable for:

  • Children
  • People with an impairment

Number of persons: 

  • 1 person

For rent or sale: 

  • For sale

General information:
The SmartShout is a box that reacts to sound. When sound is registered the box lights up. For children the interaction between light and sound is very interesting and they will shout as loud as they can to let the SmartShout light up. What is more fun than to let yourself go in this box without disturbing others and to create a beautiful interaction between light and sound with just your voice.

Game information:
To let the SmartShout box light up you just stand inside and scream as loud as you can. As soon as the sound you make reaches a certain decibel level a part of the SmartShout box will light up with led lights. Reaching the decibel level again will make more LED light turn on. Keep going to let the whole box light up. Compete with each other to let the I-Shout light up as much as possible.

You buy:

  • Complete SmartShout box with LED lights

Extra information:

  • Power supply: 2 power points required
  • Required playing surface: 2m x 2m

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