Suitable for:

  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • Seniors

Number of persons:

  • 1 person

For rent or sale: 

  • For rent
  • For sale

General information:
Based on a few simple measurements of the Well point/ Healthkiosk, the user gets a good image of his/ her health condition. The health newsstand measures the weight, BMI, body fat percentage, heart rate and blood pressure through an automated device. The information is printed and handed out, if necessary with an advise.

For “Health” events this product is a real addition, with targeted information for the participant. The stand increases the value of your exhibition stand.

Game information:
The healthkiosk is a column that allows a menu to be accesses via a touchscreen, after which the measurements begin. Participants will receive the results via a print, if necessary with an advise. This can be used without assistance.

The following will be measured:

  • BMI
  • Fat percentage
  • Blood pressure

You rent or buy: 

  • A column with touchscreen and advanced software

Extra information:

  • Power supply: 1 power point required
  • Required playing surface: 1m x 1m
  • It is possible to have your own presentation in the top screen
  • Very heavy, needs special transport

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