Our Smartforward products

Embedded Fitness develops its own Smartforward products. With these innovative exercise games, people try to respond to the increasing digitization in society. Not only in education, but also for healthcare, companies and the government. View the range below with our own products:


Meet the SmartClips, the interactive training system with LED lamps that makes exercise much more fun! Create your own workout using the “SmartClips App” and train the body in response, coordination, strength and speed.

With this system, there are countless possibilities for education, the fitness industry, physiotherapists and the healthcare sector. Be creative and hip, using the SmartClip!

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Hit the SmartWall and become accurate with the ball! Because this interactive system is multifunctional, not only education or the leisure sector, but also companies and healthcare can make use of the SmartWall. The games have been developed in various categories. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can use it due to its unique accessibility.

In short, only happy faces with the SmartWall!

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Let those hips shake! Dance until you drop! All statements by people who love to dance. With the SmartDance you will experience what it is like to dance virtually against each other. Show that you have the best sense of rhythm and dance yourself to victory!

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