SmartClips, the interactive training system

Be creative and hip, using the SmartClip!

Meet the SmartClips, the interactive training system with LED lamps that makes exercise much more fun! Create your own workout using the “SmartClips App” and train the body in response, coordination, strength and speed.

With this system, there are countless possibilities for education, the fitness industry, physiotherapists and the healthcare sector. Be creative and hip, using the SmartClip!

About SmartClips

SmartClips, the training tool when it comes to effective training of reaction and concentration, cognitive speed and getting better coordination! The SmartClips is an excellent support for training in amateur and top sports, but also very suitable for exercise therapy in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. For physical education, the SmartClips make an inspiring and validated contribution to the curriculum. The SmartClips case consists of eight interactive nodes equipped with a motion sensor and LEDs, which are controlled wirelessly. The activated lamps should be switched off themselves as soon as possible. Speed, program duration and light and sound settings can be easily adjusted on the accompanying tablet. The loose Clips can be placed on floors, walls and objects. The Clips can be attached to almost any surface thanks to a combination of magnets and Velcro

The advantage of the SmartClips is that you can set up your own training. This allows it to be used for various purposes. Below are some examples

Sport – running courses, interval training, coordination and agility, endurance and speed training. For training effective perception and cognitive skills. The SmartClips can also be used for organized sports, such as: football, hockey and basketball.

Can be used for various learning paths within physical education. Targets, relays, tap games and various forms of course. But there are also plenty of opportunities for using this product in cooperation assignments, reaction games or coordination forms

Urban sports
Urban sports such as survival and crossfit are mainly about agility, speed and coordination. Training forms can be made extra challenging by using SmartClips. For example, to complete a course as quickly as possible or to type out smart clips attached to and on obstacles in order of color

Physiotherapy / rehabilitation
By setting the SmartClips separately, they can be used optimally in rehabilitation and other remedial therapeutic areas. The SmartClips can be used in neurological exercises such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The SmartClips also has a very stimulating effect during reaching exercises or running courses. Thus, overall stability is enhanced

Integrated in its own fitness program, the SmartClips provide more variety in the training. A great tool for professional personal trainers or use in the fitness studio


“Innovative & stimulating”★★★★★

The SmartClips are an innovative part of physical education at the Antoon van Dijkschool in Helmond (NL). The SmartClips are diverse and easy to use. Our children love the different colors that can be found in the LED lamps. The beeps also provide an extra incentive that matches the target group. This way everyone can work with it

Anouk van Erp, teacher gym at Antoon van Dijkschool

The SmartClips are available in two different starting sets, which can always be expanded with extra SmartClips.

Smart Clips Advanced

4 SmartClips in a luxury hard case with power adapter
SmartClips™ with LED lights and magnets
Downloadable app
Toolkit containing 4 safety straps, 4 self adhesive velcro fasteners 4 velcro buckles and a microfiber cloth
Quick Start for an easy start

Smart Clips Complete

8 SmartClips in a luxury hard case with power adapter
SmartClips™ with LED lights and magnets
Tablet with the SmartClips app preloaded, sleeve and charger.
Toolkit containing 8 safety straps, 8 self adhesive velcro fasteners, 4 velcro buckles and a microfiber cloth
Quick Start for an easy start

SmartClips in short

Interactive training system
LED lamps
Countless possibilities
Training of responsiveness
Training of concentration
Training of cognitive speed
Better coordination



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