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SmartDance, the interactive dance platform

Let’s dance!

Let those hips shake! Dance until you drop! All statements by people who love to dance. With the SmartDance you will experience what it is like to dance virtually against each other. Show that you have the best sense of rhythm and dance yourself to victory!

About SmartDance

The Game2Move dance mat, also called SmartDance, is a popular video and dance platform that is played with the feet. When properly executed, many calories are burned and points can be scored for a high score. Eye-foot coordination is very important in this game. The songs are adjustable at a low to expert level, so that novice but also people at a high level can dance together. The mats can be switched wirelessly up to 32 mats. With large groups you can dance simultaneously, even on different levels.

The SmartDance is equipped with additional Athletic games. The name says it all: games focused on athletics. At the same time, up to 8 participants can compete in various competitions.

Different categories can be named. Soul, pop, Jazz, and so on. There is even an option to play your own songs!

Due to its diversity and because many people can use it at the same time, the SmartDance can be used in different sectors.

The Smart dance is ideal to use in the leisure sector. Which of your friends is smoothest in the hips?

Let all children exercise simultaneously with the SmartDance. Great to use as a warm-up or as an end game of a gym class. On the one hand, children feel a connection with each other, on the other they want to show that they are the best. This can be done by setting the high score!

Do you want something different for a break as a company? With the SmartDance employees can battle with each other to show who can dance best. This way, vitality, with a nice fun element, is stimulated in the workplace. Employees happy, you as employer happy!


“Geweldig & uitdagend”★★★★★

Voor zorgeloze events, ben ik bij Embedded Fitness aan het juiste adres.

Conny Post, Traffic Manager bij Zilveren Kruis

SmartDance in short

✓ Interactive dance platform
✓ Switchable up to 32 mats
✓ Package with the dance module and athletics game
✓ Dancing to your own music? Which can!
✓ For young and old



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