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SmartWall, the interactive wall system

Hit the SmartWall and become accurate with the ball!

Because this interactive system is multifunctional, not only education or the leisure sector, but also companies and healthcare can make use of the SmartWall. The games have been developed in various categories. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Everyone can use it due to its unique accessibility.

In short, only happy faces with the SmartWall!

About SmartWall

The SmartWall is a projector with projection surface projected on the wall where you can play games by hitting various objects with a ball. The camera, which is located in the beamer, registers the movements. This allows targeted practice with a ball or foam stick.

The games can be selected via an App installed on the corresponding tablet. You can also switch directly to another game while playing.

The SmartWall, with the accompanying games, can be used for various target groups. Different games have been developed per category, so that everyone can use them.

Research has shown that moving learning has a positive effect on the learning performance of children. The SmartWall integrates learning and playing in education in a fun and innovative way. In the ‘Leerbos’ games have been developed in which the children can raise the level of their ‘Dutch language skills’. In the game “Castle Attack” children can beat each other by being the first to solve the math.

Health Care
For the elderly in the care sector, the SmartWall is a way to participate in the increasing digitization. Sports in a group or individually with a supervisor or caregiver? It’s all possible with the SmartWall. The elderly can play a game of bingo or chess together!

Stimulate vitality in the workplace by using the SmartWall. Make the break more relaxing for the employees with a game of darts or chess!


“Geweldig & uitdagend”★★★★★

Voor zorgeloze events, ben ik bij Embedded Fitness aan het juiste adres.

Conny Post, Traffic Manager bij Zilveren Kruis

SmartWall in short

✓ Interactive wall projection
✓ To be practiced with a ball or foam stick
✓ More than 40 games worked out in different categories
✓ Can be used for various target groups and sectors
✓ Easy to operate with the supplied tablet and software



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