The Amarant Group offers counselling and treatment to people with (severe) mental disabilities, mild mental restrictions, or autism (normally gifted).
Exercise has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Therefore, exercise is one of the priorities when it comes to providing good care. Clients of Amarant are encouraged to exercise. With the “Healthy Lifestyle” project, Amarant devotes extra attention to exercise, making it a permanent, non-optional element of its day care programme, which reaches 200-300 clients. In the day care space of the Tongerloze Hoef institution in Tilburg, one hall has been furnished with interactive exercise equipment. As a result, clients are ‘tempted’ to exercise in a playful manner.

In addition, when this space is not used for day care (such as during the evenings and weekends), it is made available to other clients of Amarant. This may mean that during the day, groups from other day care locations come over to exercise.
Embedded Fitness is involved in both the purchase, deployment, and evaluation of the equipment and the overall project.

Embedded Fitness, makes exercise fun!