Promens Care provides care for those with intellectual, psychiatric, or psychosocial disabilities, as well as people who need a form of social relief.
With approximately 2,000 employees, Promens Care supervises about 3,400 clients in more than 100 small scale housing, work, and day care accommodations all over Drenthe and Groningen. Promens Care has chosen to prominently place promoting a healthy lifestyle for its clients on its agenda. A multi-year programme pursues cultural and behavioural changes within the organisation in both employees and clients. And there is every reason to do so, as severe obesity, as well as poor fitness and health, seriously infringe on the quality of life of these clients.
We looked for a mode of exercise that is challenging and can be performed in or near the residential area, and clients have already had good experiences with Embedded Fitness. During a sports and leisure event at the start of the project, clients have discovered how stimulating it can be to use equipment that combines elements of fun, challenge, and competition. The choice was made to deploy a large number of interactive games to be used through a rotation system at all locations, in order to allow as many clients as possible to use the equipment.
The project is very successful and the equipment has already been booked ahead of time by the different locations.

Embedded Fitness, makes exercise fun!