Row simulator development July 2012 - October 2014

Embedded Fitness has developed a new, interactive rowing simulator in collaboration with a number of companies. During the Olympic Games of 2012, visitors to the Holland Heineken House in London got to use the device for the first time and – virtually – row part of the famous Boat Race on the Thames. A second simulator was available at the Sportlab exhibition at the Science Centre NEMO in Amsterdam. Through an app, scores could be compared online. The parties involved wanted to use this simulator to make “dry rowing” more fun and exciting, and to stimulate the sport of rowing.
The simulator was the result of a collaboration between several companies including Volans Rowing, a company that has developed an innovative rowing boat, sensor partners that have taken care of the technique, and Unit040, which developed the software. Embedded Fitness was responsible for the project management.
The project was co-initiated and supported by DSM, Partner in Sport of NOC*NSF and innovation partner of the KNRB, and AEGON, main sponsor of the Dutch rowing association KNRB. In addition to their own contribution, the SMEs involved have also received subsidies from the so-called IPC-programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
After the successful introduction, Embedded Fitness has engaged in further collaboration with the KNRB and AEGON. The software has been expanded further with several courses, including an online challenge programme. Schools and fitness centres were approached with this concept on the road to the 2014 World Cup in order to stimulate the sport of rowing.

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