“Wii want to be fit” Interactive exercise and lifestyle programme for after school care (2012-2014)

To get children to exercise more and to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Embedded Fitness and home care service ZuidZorg have developed a lifestyle programme that utilises exercise games. Exercise games are placed periodically for 4-8 weeks at a suitable location in or near a school (classroom). Classes aged 8-12 can make use of the interactive exercise location every week. Additionally, the class aged 10-11 receives a weekly class on a healthy lifestyle by a dietician. Each group starts with a baseline measurement in terms of knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and physical skills. The setup on location can also be used by after school care. The choice was made for a location in the Woensel West district, a disadvantaged neighbourhood where the lack of exercise is high.

This project was approved by ZonMw as a sports impulse trajectory.
The results are promising. The children enjoy it for the entire period and do their best to improve their scores. The children have improved at all levels. In the special education schools that were visited, the children also improved remarkably and are very enthusiastic.

Schools that have participated include:
– BS Fellenoord
– BS onder de wieken
– SBO de Horst
– SBO de Beemden
– SVO Ekkersbeek
– SBO de Brandaan

In the meantime, another two sports impulse applications have been approved for execution in 2015-2016.

Kinderen op sportief gewicht in collaboration with the municipality of Helmond, GGD, Zorgboog, High school. An intervention project for overweight children.

And Sporten maar dan anders, with special heroes, a project for low-income groups that focuses on interactive exercise in special education.

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