Interactive company fitness

More and more companies are investing in company fitness to stimulate the  health and vitality of their employees. Healthy employees do a better job and  call in sick less often than an employee who’s health isn’t as good. On top of that most employees are prepared to sport when it is made easy for them. It is way easier to exercise in a break, or an hour after work then going to the gym yourself.

Application of company fitness

Embedded Fitness makes sure that company fitness is more attractive. By placing interactive games, the fun-factor during fitness is enlarged. Besides that there is also the possibility to apply a competition element to a lot of the games. By this the employees are challenged, providing a bigger motivation to exercise. Embedded Fitness has got a broad offering of products that make fitness for companies a lot more fun. Our interactive techniques can be used with cardio, reflex or balancing training.

Exergames for companies

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