Unique side events

Add an unique side events to your open door day or event

The products of Embedded Fitness are very suitable to use as an unique side event for all your activities. With big events, comes a big crowd, it is important that the crowd has enough entertainment. Interactive side events of Embedded Fitness, have a high rate of participation from the crowd. Embedded Fitness can easily join different events.

Application of unique side events

Embedded Fitness products can form a fun variety to different activities on an event. There is also the possibility to mark your own exergames with your company’s logo. You can also get in touch with your contestants by using high scores. A lot of our exergames have got a high rating in the media. Because of this you can easily share your high scores and comments through social media.

It is also possible to get our assistance when you are planning a vitality week with your company. We can use different kinds of exergames to focus on the importance of exercising and health. Since we have got a lot of different exergames, we can always find an exergame fitting to your needs. Different types of exergames reinforce each other, that is why serious gaming is a perfect addition to your activity. Not only can we take care of the support of the exergames, but combined with our expertise we can add a lot of value to an activity

Exergames for Side-Events

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