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Research by TNO shows that programmes like events and campaigns have the most impact. These programmes are aimed at raising awareness for a healthy lifestyle and include activities in which the community plays a part. Being concerned with health and vitality as a group motivates the individual. The concept of Embedded Fitness is perfect for this goal. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have shown several serious gaming activities below.

1. Interactive vitality events

Organize an interactive event at your own location with a set of exergames, such as the iSquat, sensamove balance game, DayDream recreation game and the iRow (rowing simulator). With the iSquatbox, you train your balance and relaxation this combined makes for a lot of healthy action

with workshops such as:

  • Balance between work and private life
  • Healthy food
  • Quit smoking
  • Chair massages
  • Determination of BMI, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol with advice from a nurse.


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2. Stairs challenger

‘Stimulate walking up and down the stairs in your building with the help of this challenge!’

This challenge consists of a column which can be placed near the stairs. A sensor will register the number of people walking up and down the stairs and displays it in various levels. This way you can virtually climb the Eiffel tower with your employees and eventually arrive at the top of the mount Everest. Via a website you can follow the progress you are making. This also allows you to compare several different measurement locations with each other.

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3. Health kiosk – Wellpoint

With a Healthkiosk, it is easy to give participants insight into their health status. A healthkiosk is a column that measures BMI, blood pressure, fat percentage, heart rate, height, weight and body temperature. Easy to install and easy to operate.

4. Smoothie Bike

Attention to exercise and eating healthy. While cycling you can make a healthy smoothie. Cycling has never been this tasty.

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