Games for the elderly and fall prevention

The elderly are often less mobile. This doesn’t have to mean that moving is impossible for them. Embedded Fitness has games for the elderly, which make moving more accessible and are great fun. For some people it is no safe anymore to go outside to walk or ride a bicycle, for those people we have got interactive bikes and treadmills. With this you can make an outdoor walk or bicycle ride. Apart from games that focus on exercising, Embedded Fitness also has products that can help with rehabilitation and even some that focus on fall prevention.

E-fit zone, interactive organization on location

Applications can be aimed at balancing, training motoric skills and fall prevention with special attention for the user-friendliness and social meetings. In consultation with the organization (nursing home, physiotherapy, rehabilitation) we look at the objectives and not only advise you on the equipment but also about organization, installation and use.

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